Our members come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and all feel part of the club. We don't judge!

So whether you're a joy rider, grunter, insta-selfer, or you're still figuring it out, you'll find people just like you at énergie Fitness. Plus, you'll get access to everything you’d expect from a boutique gym for less – like top notch equipment, switched on smart technology, loads of classes and a community feel that’s as supportive as you want it to be.

Check out which squad best suits your workout style and turn your one day into day one!

Which Squad will you join? 

But first, Lemme-Take-a-Selfie, before, during, and definitely, definitely, after that workout. How else would the universe possibly know they crushed that workout. Whether they’ve got five or five zillion followers, they take their Insta-self very seriously and can usually be found near high powered lighting super-snapping that perfect angle. #gymselfie #workout #crushedit

Hearing high-pitched, out-of-tune song lyrics can only mean one thing: there’s a wannabe-DJ on the gym floor hosting a not-so-silent disco for one. They tend to work out alone but love to share their pumping playlist with everyone and when that favourite track comes on you’re bound to see them bust out a dance move or two.

When equipment mysteriously disappears, you can guarantee there’s a hogger at play. These magpies are prepared for anything, holding to ransom any free weight or equipment they can get their hands on. Squats? Kettlebell swings? Dumbbell raises? They’ve got it covered.

If workout noises are taboo, these gym-goers certainly didn’t get the memo. You hear them way before you see them. Screams, grunts and the crash of a dropped barbell are all signs of a sufficiently gruelling workout. If you’re lucky, you might even catch some motivational self-talk helping the entire gym through their set. “You’ve got this!”

Training for the next hard-core multi-sport competition is what life’s all about for these super-human athletes. When they’re not competing against themselves on a 10K treadmill run, they can be found in the changing room telling anyone who will listen about their latest conquest. Bragging rights just come with the territory.

Fingerless gloves and a shaker cup. They must be a lifter. These lean, mean, lifting machines are all about the protein, swapping tasty snacks for questionable cottage cheese and peanut butter combos, all in the name of strength. Leg day is their religion, and if the quads aren’t wobbling like a baby deer learning to walk, it’s time to drop another squat!

When cycle class starts, get ready for a tsunami of pedal power. These super charged Tasmanian devils sweep in for the dance party on stationary saddles, riding like rock stars to the rhythm of a one-of-a-kind playlist. If you’re after a leisurely ride, head outside because in here it’s all about that burn, baby, burn!

These love birds can’t get enough of each other and are no strangers to a mid-workout public display of affection. Co-ordination is the name of the game here, from matching gym gear to synchronised fitness routines, everything is done in perfect tandem, right down to the very last lunge.

Feeding off HIIT for breakfast, lunch and dinner, these powerhouses love to get up and get their sweat on, living for those twenty-five rocket-fuelled minutes of pure burn. Despite appearances, this isn’t the result of too many energy drinks, they’re just absolutely PUMPED to smash out some burpees.

When the gloves go on, the ninjas come out. Jabbing away endlessly whilst their feet do the Cupid Shuffle, is how they stay fighting fit. These combatants know their uppercut from their corkscrew - put them in a ring and they’re sure they could give Muhammad Ali a run for his money.

Barefoot, carefree and on the road to self discovery. These open minded individuals know the true healing power of stretching and posing in those awkward positions. On their journey of self-compassion, they’ve learned to feel completely comfortable in their own skin - and good job too, as any zen master knows that the embarrassment of breaking wind mid-stretch is simply a rite of passage.

These sculpted fitness fanatics take self-love to a new level, often spotted checking out their abs in the mirror or basking in the spotlight of the gym floor. Deep V vests and tight muscle tees are a no-brainer - after all, what’s the point of putting in all that hustle if you can’t show off every inch of hard-earned muscle?