What makes us different

Our gyms are inclusive spaces where you feel like you belong, and they’re designed to inspire you in whatever you want to do – whether that’s pushing yourself solo on our top notch equipment or joining people just like you in one of our specialist classes. Either way, you’ll leave buzzing.

Our gyms offer a range of bespoke programmes and training tools to give you a world-class workout experience, every single time you visit. Every one of our clubs has a unique offer, so please visit the gym page or the club itself for more details on what is available. 

Here’s a snapshot of what you may be able to take advantage of at énergie Fitness…


Speak to anyone who’s tried CYCLE and you’ll know how addictive and effective these intense workouts can be. Our dedicated areas have just the right kit and mood for you to get the most from your session, including expert instructors who know just how to help you push your limits.


Used in several of our classes, the world-class Myzone fitness belts are popular with all our members who want to track their workout in real-time, and power their training with data. 

The MyZone fitness belt is triggered by your heartrate to track your workouts. Once you’ve finished at the gym, simply open the Myzone app and watch your workout data upload automatically via Bluetooth. You’ll be able to see exactly how many calories you’ve burned and how many Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) you’ve achieved.

And the numbers never lie – on average Myzone belt users stick to their gym routines longer, and are more likely to achieve their goals. (even better, our WOW! members can purchase a Myzone belt at a heavily discounted price!)


With a WOW membership you can access your Netflix or Spotify subscriptions* on our cardio equipment. Just pause the show or playlist at home and pick up where you left off when you get to the gym. So whether you are running, stepping or cycling, it’s a great way to make your énergie experience even more positive.

What’s more, once you have logged onto the console and entered your Netflix/Spotify account details, these will be saved on your fob so you’ll have single touch access to your favourite entertainment whenever you workout. How WOW is that!


*You will need a Netflix or Spotify account already set up to be able to login on our screens.


Enjoy quick-fire CYCLE, CORE and BOX workouts with our énergie BLAST programmes. Lasting no more than 30-minutes, our fat-burning and mobility sessions use a mix of functional equipment and bodyweight exercises for targeted training. These classes are great for those who love getting the most from a shorter session!


Our signature émpower programme gives you the ultimate personal training experience. Available for our WOW! members only, this 6-week programme gives you a workout plan built bespoke for you, teaches you how to use our gym equipment and provides you with continued support from your trainer – so you feel right at home from the get-go. The best bit? Results are guaranteed in 30 days, and if you don’t see them we’ll give you your money back.*


* Only available at selected clubs

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